Buy to Let

Buy to let mortgage

We pride ourselves on giving great advice and finding the best buy to let mortgage for each and every customer. We will carry out a tailormade search across the whole of the market to find the buy to let mortgage that totally suits your needs.

Who we work with…

  • Experienced property landlords with large portfolios
  • Property investors buying with a limited company or SPV (special purpose vehicle)
  • Landlords with HMOs
  • Novice landlords looking to find a buy to let mortgage for their first property
  • Individuals looking to rent out a property due to personal circumstances such as moving in with a partner and letting out one of the properties

What is a buy to let mortgage?

A buy to let mortgage is different to a usual property mortgage as it is not based on your earnings.

Each lender will have different terms but, generally, the amount you can borrow will be based upon the rental income of your chosen property. The rental yield needs to be above a certain percentage for the lender to agree to the mortgage. The terms do differ by lender though so we can advise on this.

Take advice before jumping into the buy to let market

Investing in property can be lucrative and a good way to supplement your existing income, but it is not risk-free. Our expert buy to let mortgage team can give you all the information you need before you take the next step.

  • Rental yields – is your property going to offer you a good rental yield? Compare it with other properties in the same street or surrounding area – what rents are they achieving?
  • Location – is it near to you or far away? Will you want easy access to the property to fix anything?
  • Don’t forget to factor in rental voids – there will be periods when the property could be empty
  • How will you manage the property? If you don’t live nearby you will need to appoint a property management agent – allow for this cost in your calculations
  • Maintenance – make an allowance for property maintenance and any breakdowns that you, as a landlord, will be responsible for – e.g. boilers

We are here to help you every step of the way to start or grow your property portfolio – contact our experienced buy to let mortgage advisors today